Terracotta Cooker 4 Ltr

Made by our Indian Rural Potters with a traditional skilled pottery technique just for your perfect cooking experience.
100% natural clay, non toxic and eco-friendly, retains nutrients of the food & adds a natural taste to it.
Suitable for direct flame heating & for making dishes like Biryani, rice, dal, curry, soups etc.
Easy to open & close the Mitti Lid.

How to use?


-Do not use soap or any chemical liquid to clean the terracotta products.
-Clean earthenware with a mild brush or sponge and with hot water & baking soda, lemon or salt.
-Don’t wash the utensil with a metal scrubber.
-Clay pots with any metal handle is not microwavable.
-Clay pots can be used for cooking on a gas stove on low to medium flame.
-Before using the terracotta vesssels for the first time soak them in water for an hour. This will make the product durable.

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